Fisheye Photos - Calvin Yao Photography
meet the team...


Calvin - Photographer and Webmaster
Calvin grew up in the South Pacific in the 32-mile-long island of Guam. The island lifestyle is where Calvin developed his easygoing nature that's reflected in allowing his clients to feel comfortable. His ultimate passion in photography comes in documenting life's emotions and capturing moments that can't be rehearsed - the glow in the groom's eyes while waiting at the altar, the innocent laughter reflected in children's faces, the serenity in the bride's eyes while savoring her first dance. Calvin's journalistic approach combines capturing these natural elements with artistic composition through the lens. Calvin attended Carnegie Mellon University where he spent time focusing on multimedia productions and graphic communications.


Perry - Photographer
Growing up in the metropolitan city of Singapore, and meeting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, Perry developed an appreciation and curiosity for the things that make you, uniquely you: your essence, your spirit, your story.
This is reflected in his photography and his passion in capturing the emotions, energy and relationships of you, your loved ones and your special day. Perry combines elements of photojournalism and fine art photography to not only showcase the big picture, but also highlight the subtle details, creating timeless images and memories for years to come. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", and Perry strives to speak volumes about what makes you, uniquely you.


Amy - Photographer and Creative Director
Amy's creative energy started as a young girl in Hong Kong. Her life has always been about creativity and design - from drawing comic book art, to making homemade beauty products, to painting with a variety of inks on all sorts of media. She has always had a passion for arts and crafts and has eagle eyes when it comes down to the fine details on the wedding day. Amy's a big part of the post-production process including photo selection, touch-up and slideshow creation. Amy is always there to ensure that your most precious images can be reflected on for a lifetime.